The intrusive advertising model is dying – rapidly


Now audiences can discover, explore and purchase products direct from digital content

Curious Intent

A ‘pull side’ Media Marketing Platform. Helping to connect you’re broadcast & publishing brand content to other relevant story tellers and audiences in a non- intrusive way for you’re audiences. 

As a result TagTent delivers access to highly engaged audiences around the world who are already interested in you’re subject matter.

Keeping great conversations going are what we are all about. We provide brands the ability to get closer to those audiences earlier in the funnel by encouraging them to tell stories, not promote intrusive adverts.

Solving the global intrusive advertising problem for audiences. Transitioning new revenue models for content creators, publishers & broadcasters, providing them with deeper insights into audience habits, behaviours & interest.


The business of content is the buying and selling of eyeballs & impressions

Who are we?
We are a pull side ‘attention marketing platform’, we connect real time in device (clients, not ours) related conversations between broadcasters, publishers and brands.

What do we do?
We provide a ‘visual search’ summary for audiences of all content (regardless of device) this includes Video, Audio, image & text recognition. All directly from the program or content you are watching or reading.

Why do we do it?
Convenience for the audiences/consumers of content – we are an audience-centric business.

How does it do it?
TagTent feeds curiosity & commercial intent that would otherwise have gone to Google, Bing etc

The Solution

Next Generation Advertising

TagTent™ is the non-intrusive solution that consumers love to use. As they consume their favourite content, they can explore the products, people and places that they see on-screen. They can buy there and then or discover options to suit their budget – and then share the news with their social media network.

Imagine if consumers could instantly discover and buy the watch worn by an actor, or a sport star’s footwear, or stay in the same hotel they just saw in a film.

TagTent™ is so much more than a shopping app. It turns every product, person or place across all digital content into a shareable, trackable revenue stream.

TagTent™ is built to be social, encouraging users to share their discoveries and talk about what they’ve bought.

It revolutionises the way brands interact with their audiences, recognising that audiences now consume content in new ways.

Today’s consumers don’t just passively watch TV. They chat, browse and share while they watch, using multiple screens to engage with the world.

TagTent™ capitalises on the rise of dual-screen viewing, offering advertisers and brands a new route to the eyes and ears of key audiences.



From gadgets to glasses, from cars to cocktails – if it’s seen-on-screen TagTent™ can provide a link to buy it.



Lookup a celebrity biography or profile and discover related content from your favourite movie, sports and TV stars.



Explore details behind places seen-on-screen, read reviews, book your trip, share your experience.


TagTent™ doesn’t divert consumers from what they want to watch. It complements the experience, enriching it and making it deeper than ever before.

Pull Side Model

No ‘push ads, audience centric
No ad skip
No ad block
No fake news
No click fraud

Immersive Audience Engagement

Our business intelligence ‘insight’ dashboard can evidence audience;

Commercial Opportunities

Enable brands to get closer to those audiences earlier in the funnel with related conversations and content.

Brand & Content Amplification

Brands need to tell stories, not promote intrusive ads.

Product Matching

Premium priority shopping link

Identical, premium products listed first with a relevant link to purchase from an affiliated store.

Product derivatives listings

Matching or similar products and services are provided to the user to cater for broader tastes and income demographics.

Save and share functionality

Users can save and share all searches across their social networks.

Unique Technology

TagTent™ has been developed to operate unobtrusively in the background while consumers watch, browse and enjoy their favourite content.

Audience Accessibility

Brands and retailers get access to powerful information about their audiences as TagTent™ monitors and measures user activity. Embedded tracking monitors the effectiveness of the purcase process from beginning to end.


TagTent™ continuously monitors purchases, interests and behaviour patterns so that users are only served the information that’s right for them. This data insight is immensely effective at providing product placement opportunities.


TagTent™ is an interactive experience that delivers a personalised, rewarding service to users, and opens up whole new revenue streams for brands, platforms and content owners.

Mutual Rewards

TagTent™ is great for users, brands, platforms and content owners, plus promotions and gamification can be used to build mutually-rewarding relationships that really last.

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